Biltong Preparation Tray Kit

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Absolutely everything you need to start making BIltong apart from the box and the beef!

The deep Wiltshire enamelware tray is the perfect depth and size for soaking several kilos of beef.  Enamelware is non reactive with vinegar, and is lightweight which is good when you have a couple of Kgs of beef marinating!

This pack includes:

- Deep Enamelware tray with blue trim, 2.5l capacity

- Regular Biltong Spice

- Chilli Biltong Spice

- 250ml Worcestershire Sauce

- 750ml Malt  or Apple Cider Vinegar

This pack should make around 15-20kg (250g) or 30-40kg (500g)  and the enamelware will last a lifetime!