Making Biltong

How to Make Biltong
Its super simple to make Biltong! Learn how to in four easy steps.

* 3kg of Beef ( we believe the best cuts are topside  or silverside)
* Brown Malt Vinegar (roughly 300ml) 
* Worstershire Sauce (roughly 100ml) 
* 125g Biltong Brewing Spice 

Please watch the video below to see just how easy it is.

Top Tips
Cut pieces no more than 2.5cm wide

Make sure you remove as much excess marinade ( vinegar + worstershire sauce). Pat slightly with a paper towel if needed

Apply Biltong Spice generously on all side of the Biltong and press into the meat firmly ( some will fall off, that is okay!)

Each piece should weigh no more than 400g.Maximum capacity per rod 800g. Maximum 3kg per box

Make sure the meat pieces do not touch each other.

Avoid humid and cold conditions and place box in a sunny dry room

After 1 Day remove drip tray and wipe clean

Rotate your meat in the box once or twice a day

Leave for 6+ Days