Economy Biltong King Box

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This box is the go to economy box, for those who want to experiment and don’t want to break the bank.

The Biltong King comes with hanging rods for biltong and droëwors. It also has drying shelves included for your dried fruit and vegetables, the continuous air flow to speed up the drying process. The Biltong king has a light fitting to reduce the moisture build up. 

  • Hanging rods for biltong and droewors.
  • Drying shelves for fruit and vegetables.
  • Light fitting to reduce moisture.
  • Continuous airflow to speed up drying.
  • Self Assembly
  • It holds a capacity of 3kg of Meat, the capacity is a  smaller than our other boxes.

The Biltong King it is not as durable as the premium and standard  boxes. After several batches it will start to show wear and tear.

Regrettably the distributor of this product has incorrectly sent us a batch with South African plugs. We will advise when there are more in stock.

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